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  Tal paused, gazing across the desolate valley below.  He took a long swig from his waterskin. Everywhere, ice. Some mystic force had drawn the young goblin into this snow-covered region.  All the legends of Iferra spoke of opposing forces, battling among the peaks, seeking a balance between order and chaos. Tal found no balance here, only ice and bitter cold.  One could easily fall into a sense of despair and hopelessness in this frigid wasteland if you pondered too long upon the emptiness and isolation.  Still, the promise of adventure and luck-laden trinkets, along with the unknown force driving him,  pushed his small frame to begin striding forward again, his boots crunching through the shin-deep drifts ahead of him.   A little luck had always carried him through in the past after all...hadn't it.
Tal has collected these beautiful and dangerous gaming stones from some of the farthest lands in the realm of Iferra. They are the pride of his collection. The first set of gaming stones Tal received in his youth were as beautiful and savage as these. 
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